Disease Control and Prevention

Working as a team, our division provides appropriate services and interventions to reduce the incidence of communicable diseases in San Joaquin County; building the foundation for a healthy future.

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Communicable Disease Programs

monitor the incidence of reportable communicable diseases in the county; conducts surveillance and case investigation of all reportable communicable diseases, outbreak management, contact identification, patient and community education, and consultation to physicians, infection control practitioners, schools and day care providers.

Community Services Programs

coordinate HIV / AIDS and STD related services in the County. Anonymous and confidential HIV counseling and testing is provided at the Stockton Public Health clinic. Education and prevention services include street-based outreach and activities at schools and correctional facilities. In-service training, media and community events to educate the public regarding HIV/AIDS, and audiovisual and written materials are available. AIDS case management services assist persons living with HIV/AIDS with benefits counseling, referral to services, emergency food and housing, nursing assessment, psychosocial assessments and assistance with obtaining approved medications through state-sponsored programs. The Program maintains and distributes statistical information on HIV/AIDS, provides assistance in reporting HIV and AIDS, and provides in-service training for health care providers.


provides statistical analysis, GIS mapping and survey design support to all public health programs and shares important disease data with the community.

Public Health Laboratory

provides regional public health laboratory and environmental laboratory testing services for communicable diseases of public health significance. Services include water and food testing, virus isolation/serology laboratory, molecular diagnostic laboratory services and technical consultation for professionals. The Public Health Laboratory is designated by the federal Centers for Disease Control as a Laboratory Response Network (LRN) level B laboratory member to respond to acts of biological terrorism.

Public Health Preparedness

Provides oversight for emergency preparedness planning and implementation for response to: bioterrorism, infectious disease outbreaks, public health threats ‐ both man-made and natural disasters, work with partnering agencies to ensure cohesiveness in our mutual planning efforts, provide accurate and timely information to partnering agencies, the media and the community.

Communicable Disease Reporting Information for Healthcare Providers

If you would like more information on any of these programs, please contact The Disease Control and Prevention Division at (209) 468-3822.