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Press Releases Archive

2016 Archive

PHS Takes Action to Improve Child Passenger Safety (11/7/2016)
Refresh San Joaquin Celebrates Healthy Retail Improvements (10/10/2016)
Collaborative Efforts Bring Medicare Health Fairs to San Joaquin County (9/28/2016)
Together We're Ready San Joaquin County Public Health Services Promotes Disaster Preparedness (8/30/2016)
First Human Case of West Nile Virus Detected in San Joaquin county (8/1/2016)
San Joaquin County Public Health Services Supports New State Tobacco Policies Effective June 9, 2016 (6/9/2016)
BlueGreen ALGAE Health Concerns for Humans and Animals (6/8/2016)
Hot Weather Projected, Take Precautions to Protect your Health (6/2/2016)
Stay Healthy and Safe While Enjoying the Water! (5/23/2016)
Enjoy a Rainbow of Healthy Produce During Fruit and Veggie Fest 2016 (5/11/2016)
Local Schools Celebrate National Bike To School Day On May 4 (5/3/2016)
National Bike To school Day on May 4(Spanos Elementary School) (5/2/2016)
National Bike To school Day on May 4(August Knodt Junior School) (5/2/2016)
National Bike To school Day on May 4(George Y. Komure Elementary School) (5/2/2016)
Potential Measles Exposure At Stockton Restaurant (4/1/2016)
San Joaquin County to Launch PreExposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Services for HIV Prevention (1/20/2016)

2015 Archive

State Public Health Officer Offers Tips for a Safe Halloween (10/29/15)
Health Officials Recommend Flu Vaccine for Everyone Six Months of Age and Older (10/19/15)
Collaborative Efforts Bring New Mobile Medicare Clinic Event to South Stockton (10/19/15)
San Joaquin County Public Health Services Promotes Emergency Preparedness: Together We're Ready! (09/01/15)
San Joaquin County Public Health Services Reports First Human West Nile Virus Infection Of 2015 (08/24/15)
San Joaquin County Reports Increase In Shigella (07/28/15)
Community To Enjoy A Rainbow Of Healthy Fruits And Vegetables At "Farm To Fork 2015" (07/21/15)
STOPP says "GO" to Healthier Neighborhood Stores (06/29/15)
Hot Weather Projected Through the 4th Of July Holiday - Take Precautions To Protect Your Health (06/30/15)
Tokay High School Student Diagnosed with Active Tuberculosis (05/04/15)
Join The "Walk And Roll To School" Events Scheduled For May (05/04/15)
San Joaquin County Reports First Confirmed Case Of Animal Rabies In 2015 (03/19/15)
San Joaquin County Public Health Services Reports Infant Death From Pertussis (Whooping Cough) (03/05/15)
San Joaquin County Public Health Services Responding To An Outbreak Of Tuberculosis (02/20/15)
CDPH Confirms Patient at Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center has Tested Negative for Ebola (02/02/15)
CDPH, SCHD, and UCDMC Confirm Patient at Hospital has Tested Negative for Ebola (01/30/15)

2014 Archive

San Joaquin County Public Health System Preparedness for Ebola(10/23/2014)
San Joaquin County's First West Nile Virus-Related Human Death in 2014(10/17/2014)
Effects of Third-Hand Smoke Brought to Light(06/25/2014)
San Joaquin County's First West Nile Virus Human Infection(06/20/2014)
Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Cases on the Rise(06/02/2014)
Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Fact Sheet(06/02/2014)
Recreational Water Illness and Injury Prevention(05/28/2014)
Pool Safety(05/28/2014)
Be Prepared for Hot Weather(05/14/2014)
First case of measles in San Joaquin County(05/02/2014)
Measles Fact Sheet(05/02/2014)
Measles Outbreaks Prompt Travel and Vaccine Reminders(04/07/2014)
2014 Warm Winter Brings Early Mosquito Season and West Nile Virus to the Area - County Health Official Recommends Actions to Protect Agains
New Survey Finds Tobacco Products Easily Available, Accessible to Youth in San Joaquin County(03/05/2014)
2013-14 Seasonal Influenza Activity in San Joaquin County(01/08/2014)

2013 Archive

Cold Weather Preparations and Precautions (12/02/2013)
Influenza Season - Get Vaccinated Now! (11/20/2013)
World Diabetes Day Observed, Nov. 14 (11/07/2013)
Free Flu Clinics on October 28th (10/22/2013)
San Joaquin County Latino Families Are Encouraged to Make Healthy Food Choices! (09/17/2013)
Public Health Services announces a new 'Diabetes Peer Prevention Education Project' (DiPPEP) (08/29/2013)
First West Nile Virus-related Death In San Joaquin County For 2013 (08/15/2013)
West Nile Virus Infection Detected In A San Joaquin County Man (07/29/2013)
Protect yourself and others during a heat wave (07/01/2013)
Take precautions for excessive heat (06/27/2013)
Water Illness And Injury Prevention (05/31/2013)
PHS Opens Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) Modular Laboratory (03/06/2013)
Public Health Officials urge residents: Continue taking actions to protect against influenza (01/18/2013)
County residents urged to protect themselves and pets against extreme cold (01/15/2013)
Surma: Lead poisoning among children (01/08/2013)

2012 Archive

Free Community Flu-Vaccine Clinic October 19 (10/18/2012)
Influenza Season (10/03/2012)
Extreme Heat Watch in San Joaquin County (08/10/2012)
New West Nile Virus Infections (08/03/2012)
Rethink Your Drink (07/26/2012)
CDPH Warns Not to Eat Certain Banner Mountain Organic Sprouts (07/24/2012)
California Department of Public Health Warns Consumers Not to Eat Gold Plum Candy Imported From Taiwan (07/24/2012)
Detection Of West Nile Virus Infection In Humans (07/20/2012)
Precautions For Hot Weather (07/12/2012)
Reported Cases of Valley Fever Increase in San Joaquin County (06/08/2012)
Local Tobacco Control Program Observes World No Tobacco Day (05/31/2012)
Warm Winter and Wet Spring Brings Early Mosquito Season and West Nile Virus to the Area (05/21/2012)
Local Students Campaign to Reduce Youth Tobacco Use (04/30/2012)
6th Graders: Get a "Tdap Booster" Now (04/30/2012)
Statement by CDPH Director Regarding Detection of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (04/27/2012)
STD Awareness Month (03/11/2012)
CDPH Tells Consumers to Return Bed Bath & Beyond "Dual Ridge Metal Boutique Tissue Boxes" (01/13/2012)

2011 Archive

World AIDS Day (11/30/2011)
Store Improvement (11/03/2011)
Walking School Bus (10/19/2011)
Influenza Season (10/05/2011)
STOPP Smoking Program