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Smoking and Tobacco Outreach/Prevention Program (STOPP)

Healthier Stores for Our Community.

STOPP works in partnership with the community to promote a healthy and tobacco-free San Joaquin County for all those who live, work, and play in our communities.

From 2017-2021, STOPP will work on five focus areas to promote a tobacco-free San Joaquin County:

1. Healthier Stores for Our Community

Healthier Stores for Our Community

STOPP will partner with the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention program to encourage retailers to be healthier entities within their communities. While our partners will focus on healthy food access, STOPP will work with county residents to decide how tobacco and tobacco products are sold in their communities. To learn more about our data that supports our Refresh San Joaquin program, please click the link for more information.

2. Tobacco-Free Campus for Our Students

Tobacco-Free Campus for Our Students

STOPP will work with the University of Pacific to adopt a 100% smoke-free campus policy to prohibit smoking in all outdoor locations on the campus. STOPP’s goal is to protect the health and well-being of those who live, work, and visit the Pacific campus by creating a clean-air environment.

3. Community Engagement

Community Engagement

STOPP is enthusiastic about engaging youth and adults across the county in tobacco control efforts. STOPP staff and current coalition members collaborate with community partners and organizations across the region to host workshops and trainings to broaden community capacity to advocate for change in their communities. To become a member of our community colation, please click here for more information.

4. Protecting Our Future

Protecting Our Future

Data shows that tobacco products are disproportionately sold and marketed to youth, LGBTQ communities, and communities of color. In addition, flavored and mentholated tobacco usage rates are among the highest in these communities. As a result, STOPP will collaborate with community partners to reduce smoking initiation among youth and young adults of the African American, Hispanic, and LGBTQ communities. STOPP will work with residents in San Joaquin County to determine how and where these products are available in their communities. To learn more about flavors and menthol visit: www.flavorshookkids.org

5. Resources for Current Smokers Who Want to Quit

Resources for Current Smokers Who Want to Quit

STOPP is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all those who live, work, and play in San Joaquin County. In collaboration with community organizations and healthcare systems, STOPP will work to increase access and availability to cessation resources to those who want to quit.

 For the STOPP Smoking Helpline call 209.468-2415 or toll free at 1-800-540-6775.

For a list of additional cessation resources, please click the link below:

 Current Quit Smoking/Cessation Resource List.

Additional Resources:

 STOPP Brochure, click here.
 STOPP Membership Application, click here.

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