About SJC Opioid Safety Coalition

The SJC Opioid Safety Coalition

Since 2018, the San Joaquin County Opioid Safety Coalition has taken a population-based approach to addressing the opioid crisis. This includes focusing on the reduction of overdose deaths, access to Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid use disorder, over-prescription of opioids, and the need to raise awareness of the opioid problem among the public and potential stakeholders.

The Coalition currently has about 50 active members and includes care providers, pharmacists, and stakeholders representing health systems and health plans, behavioral health and public health, law enforcement and first responders, academic institutions and educators, policy makers, and youth and families, especially those who have been directly impacted by opioid use disorder.

There are three established action teams: Education and Outreach, Prescriber and Pharmacy Education, and Overdose Prevention and Treatment.

Coalition meetings are held every other month, and membership is open to all interested parties. Contact Rachel Zerbo at rzerbo@sjcphs.org for more information.