All San Joaquin County communities are healthy, safe, equitable, and thriving.


Protect, promote and improve health and well-being for all who live, work, and play in San Joaquin County.


  • Implement innovative, data-driven, evidence‐based approaches to create equitable conditions for all County communities.
  • Maintain effective partnerships with a broad array of community leaders and organizations to promote health equity, maximize PHS reach and impact, and address community health improvement priorities.
  • Facilitate community members' active role in shaping environmental and policy changes that impact individual and community health.
  • Build ongoing, flexible funding streams to grow and sustain quality PHS programs and services that efficiently meet community health needs.
  • Cultivate recognition for PHS as the County leader for preventing disease and injury, while promoting and protecting optimal health for all.
  • Conduct continuous quality improvement to assure that PHS systems and workforce are effective and efficient in promoting and protecting health.