Cessation Services

For a list of local, state, and national cessations services, including quitlines, texting services, phone applications, and more, click here.

Congratulations on deciding to quit tobacco!
Quitting tobacco is one of the hardest challenges a smoker can face. However, there are plenty of resources available to prepare you, and the more prepared you are the more likely you are to quit for good. Whether you are starting your quit journey, know someone trying to quit, or are a health professional, these resources will help you or a loved one get started. On this page you can find information on the health benefits of quitting tobacco, counseling/coaching resources, local cessation resources, cessation medications available, and other helpful information to help stay quit.

Health Benefits to Quitting Tobacco
Quitting has immediate and long-term health benefits. Learn about them by watching the short video, Benefits of Cessation Over Time provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You can also view and print Benefits of Quitting Over Time for a timeline of the short- and long-term health benefits of quitting.

Available Quitlines and Other Services to Help You Quit Tobacco
People who use quitlines are more successful at quitting tobacco for good. Due to their success, State and Federal Government’s have developed public services that are free of charge. For 30 years, California has offered Kick It CA (formerly known as the CA Smokers’ Helpline) to its residents. At Kick it CA, you can call their toll-free number and speak directly to a trained counselor who can help you develop a quitting plan that is right for you, provide insight to the different smoking medications available, and provide other cessation resources. Services are available in multiple languages.

Additional free quitlines include:

  • The National Cancer Institute created smokefree.gov to help you or someone you care about quit tobacco. Here you can find tailored services for youth, women, veterans, and those 60+.
  • The Asian Smokers Quitline offers services in four Asian languages (Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese). Visit, asiansmokersquitline.org to access their services.
  • For military service members who want to quit tobacco, visit Ycq2.org to access their live chat and other services.

Medications with Counseling Support is Most Effective
Medications, also referred to as quit aids, can help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and many of these resources may be available for free or covered by your insurance. Additionally, combining cessation medications with counseling can be highly effective. Remember to always speak to your physician before initiating any cessation medication. For a list of medications and other related information, please see the resources below: