Communicable Disease, Tuberculosis, Immunization, & Perinatal Hepatitis B Programs


Communicable Disease Reporting Information for Healthcare Providers

Communicable Disease Control

Provides surveillance & case investigation of all reportable communicable diseases, outbreak management, contact identification, patient & community education, and consultation to physicians, infection control practitioners, schools, & day care programs.

Tuberculosis (TB) Control

Provides surveillance/reporting of disease; TB case management services for suspected and diagnosed cases; contact identification, assessment, referral & monitoring; Directly Observed Therapy (DOT); consultation for health care providers, hospital infection control practitioners and school nurses; outbreak control activities; community education..

Immunization Assistance (IAP)

Management of State supplied vaccine; provider quality assurance assessments; influenza vaccination clinics; immunization education presentations, training’s and support to community providers and parent groups;childcare immunization assessment activities; kindergarten and 7th grade immunization assessments.

Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention

Provides education and monitoring to hepatitis B carrier pregnant women, and monitoring of the newborns to ensure appropriate follow-up is obtained to prevent spread of hepatitis B to the infants.  Household contacts are referred for testing to determine status and referred for immunization if susceptible.