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Cold or the Flu? | Es Resfriado O Gripe?

Flu Essentials--English, Español, Việt, العربية, 汉语 l, etc.

Flu Home Care | Cuidando una Persona Enferma en su Casa

Staying Healthy--What You Can Do

Hand Washing to Avoid the Flu (First 5 SJ) I L ávese las Manos y Evite la Gripe (First 5 SJ)

Warning Signs--When to Seek Immediate Care | Senales de Peligro--Cuando Buscar Asistencia Medica Inmediata

What to Do if You Get Flu-like Symptoms

It’s Up to You to Stop the Flu flyer

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CDC Information for Health Professionals

Vaccines - Seasonal, Pneumococcal


Pneumococcal Vaccine - Preventing 2ndary Infections

RIDE (California Immunization Registry, Region IV)

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Ill Patients (Spanish) | Cover Your Cough(Multiple Languages)

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2010 Alerts/Updtaes

Oct 13: Influenza Reporting for the 2010/2011 Season

2009 Alerts/Updates

Oct 26: SJC Flu Update - Vaccine, Reporting Cases, Ill HCWs

Sep 4: Influenza Update & Outpatient Considerations

Aug 25: Lab Update & Speci Form | Aug 19: New CDC Isolation Rec's

July 9: Novel Flu Update | June 10-Update on Lab Testing

May 7 - Health Alert-Antivirals | April 28 Health Alert-Swine Flu

Community Groups, Schools, & Child Care

It’s Up to You to Stop the Flu flyer

Cover Your Cough, Germ Stoppers, Healthy Habits Posters

Hand Washing to Avoid the Flu (First 5 SJ) I L ávese las Manos y Evite la Gripe (First 5 SJ)

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Pregnant Women Working in Child Care or Education

Prevention Materials for Schools from CDPH

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National Safety Council - Resources for Employers



San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services

Be Prepared California

California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

California Health Alert Network (CAHAN)

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) (Spanish)

World Health Organization (WHO)

EZIZ 1-stop shop for immunization training & resources

California Immunization Registry, Region IV


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