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Obesity Prevention in San Joaquin County

Healthy and active peopleCurrently funded Public Health Services programs that address obesity are the Network for a Health California Campaign (specific to low-income residents), and the Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program (CCROPP - focused in south Stockton).

The Network Campaign focuses on the promotion of individual nutrition and physical activity behavior change through social marketing campaign strategies, afterschool programs, school curriculum integration activities, food demonstrations for healthy eating, and physical activity promotion. For more information about the Network for a Healthy California, click here.

The south Stockton CCROPP project focuses on the policy and environmental changes necessary to enable and support healthy behaviors, such as safe places to play and access to healthy food. For more information about CCROPP, click here.

San Joaquin County has also convened an Obesity & Chronic Disease Prevention Taskforce. The Taskforce was established in August of 2009 and builds upon previous Coalition efforts to address obesity, diabetes and asthma.

Recently released reports indicate that the combined overweight and obesity rate in San Joaquin County is greater than 65% and the related economic cost (i.e., healthcare costs, lost productivity) in San Joaquin County is higher than in other central valley counties in California. Additional results indicate that soda consumption, a risk factor for obesity, is highest among the county’s 12-17 year olds when compared to other counties in California. This information has reinforced the need for non-traditional partnerships and prompted the goal of increased Taskforce participation on the part of private sector food outlets and retailers, as well as city and county planners, commissioners, and elected officials as this is critical to a more comprehensive campaign.

The goal of the Taskforce is to decrease the incidence and prevalence of obesity, chronic disease, and the related risk factors through a combined and expanded effort of the members. There are more than 40 individuals and partners working on these issues. This includes, Healthy San Joaquin, Select San Joaquin, University Cooperative Extension, University of the Pacific, Kaiser Stockton, Lodi and Stockton Unified School Districts, County Office of Education, Assembly member Alyson Huber’s Office, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Plan of San Joaquin, WIC, Community Partnership for Families, and many more.

For more information about PHS obesity prevention efforts, or to become a part of the Taskforce efforts, please call 209-468-3004, or email Shené Bowie at

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