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Disease Control and Prevention Services


The HIV Antibody Testing Program provides anonymous and confidential counseling and testing at Public Health Clinics and mobile clinic sites. The HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Program provides education through street outreach, and through activities at schools and correctional facilities. The program also provides in-service training, media and community events to educate the public regarding HIV /AIDS and makes audio visual and written materials available. AIDS Case Management provides assistance to persons living with HIV/AIDS including benefits counseling, referral services, emergency food and housing, nursing assessment, and prescriptions. AIDS Drug Assistance provides approved medications for the prevention and/or treatment of certain conditions associated with HIV/AID. The AIDS Surveillance Program maintains and distributes statistical information on HIV/AIDS, provides assistance in AIDS case reporting, and provides in-service training for health care providers.  Contact: (209) 468-3820.

Communicable Diseases

The Communicable Disease Control Program provides surveillance and case investigation of all reportable communicable diseases, outbreak management, contact identification, patient and community education, and consultation to physicians, infection control practitioners, schools, and day care programs. Contact: (209) 468-3822.

Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention

The Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program provides education, monitoring, laboratory testing, and immunizations for those at risk of Hepatitis B infection from a pregnant carrier mother.  Contact: (209) 468-3822.

Public Health Laboratory

The Public Health Laboratory provides regional public health laboratory services as a testing and reference laboratory for communicable diseases of public health significance. Services include a molecular diagnostics laboratory, virus isolation/serology laboratory, HIV testing, T-cell levels and viral load testing. The laboratory also performs environmental testing; zoonotic disease, water, and food poisoning analysis; and, provides technical consultation for medical and laboratory professionals.  Contact: (209) 468-3460.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases Program provides surveillance and case investigation of reportable sexually transmitted diseases. (209) 468-3862.

Tuberculosis Control

The Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program provides surveillance and data collection, TB case management, contact identification, assessment, referral and monitoring, and TB community education.  Contact: (209) 468-3828.

STOPP Smoking Program